I'm here to take you on a journey about how one man has changed the lives of 40,000 people with diabetes.

Meet my Pops


Pops was living with unmanaged diabetes on top of all the stress of going through a 2008 recession, having four kids, and everything else life has to offer.

His health was in a bad place.

When he weighed in at over 300 pounds around my senior year of high school, he decided that enough was enough.

Pops went on a journey of health discovery. On his journey, he faced many obstacles but eventually found a routine that worked for him.

Today, Pops is doing much better, and, with his now 6 grandkids, his health has never been more important to him, or me.

My team and I were inspired by Pops. We decided to begin capturing his experience and sharing it on social media.

Little did we know, his experience would go on to engage 40,000 people with diabetes, who have watched over a million minutes of content.


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This is unique in healthcare because engaging patients outside the clinic is difficult ...and a big problem for healthcare organizations.

Unengaged patients become poorer health outcomes, which becomes greater costs for the health system.

When Pops began engaging so many people, we realized that the key to healthcare engagement was the stories of the patients who were living with different chronic conditions

We realized every healthcare organization was sitting on a wealth of these stories that could be repurposed. Every healthcare organization had a Pops.

So we began building a technology that gives clinics and hospitals the tools to capture their own patient stories and repurpose those stories into content that gets results.